App not blocking calls or not working properly

Our recommendation is to make sure you have the latest version from the Android Play Store installed on your phone. If you still see the app is not properly blocking calls you can check all the following:

  1. From your phone click on the following link to verify you have the latest version:

  2. Open the app and make sure it is enabled. The enabled button on the bottom-right corner of the app should be green.

  3. From the call log, find the call that the app did not block and tap on it. It will show all the details including the reason why it was or wasn't blocked.

  4. We invite you to install the Beta version of Call Blocker Gold which includes the latest bug fixes and improvements. Please install it from the Google Play Store from the link below and let us know if it resolves your issues.

  5. Alternatively, you might try installing a previous version of the app from the following link:

You checked all the steps above and are still not able to resolve the problem and the call log indicated the call was blocked, but the phone kept ringing, then a potential cause of this problem could be one of the following:
  1. The version of the operating system that your phone has might have been modified by your phone carrier and does not support the basic telephone functions Call Blocker Gold needs in order to function.
  2. You might have a custom ROM on your rooted phone, which might be affecting the phone functions needed for CBG to function.
In any case, you can send us a diagnostics report from the About section of the app and include a descriptive text of your particular issue and we will gladly take a look and see what we can do to remediate it.

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